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Love Buzz

Two pieces of sizzly, juicy quiche Nose to nose on a plate Waiting to be devoured Two steaming cups of coffee So much better than one Two people cuddled up together for a time In a warm cozy bed As … Continue reading

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Stardust and Playdoh

The planet spins round and round in a galaxy of other planets A universe of galaxies And we are nothing but stardust formed together like Playdoh All petty hatred and greed and striving for greatness is none but Foolishness All … Continue reading

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Gigantic Feet

A little girl Once learned to dance While standing on His gigantic feet He whirled her Around and around the room As she giggled down to Her own tiny toes Numb now These immense and precious plinths Are devoid of … Continue reading

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Will You Listen?

Will You Listen? I am speaking To you Will you Listen? Through the starry Goddess in the sky Is she Mary? Mother Goddess? Or just me Calling you out To play? Through the cool Shady stone of This seat Hands … Continue reading

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What I Want for My Children

Upward mobility—of course Don’t we all? But not in the form of things Like cars and jobs and houses The evolution I crave On their behalf Is upward mobility Of the soul The square toed repose Of nirvana The sacred … Continue reading

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Arise, Sing, Tis Easter

She used to make: • The ham biscuits • The green beans • The deviled eggs • The potato salad • The fruit salad • The coconut cake • The sweet tea • The Easter Baskets Now her energy is … Continue reading

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Heart Shaped Muffins

Heart Shaped Muffins Heart shaped muffins No special recipe Just a store bought package Add water Bake The worst possible Assemblage of ingredients No nutrition Not even real berries Only sugary blue things But then, what is the Nutritional value … Continue reading

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Dementia 1 – The Phone

My father is slipping into to dementia. My mother is riddled with arthritis. They are terribly vulnerable and I am their primary caregiver. My husband’s parents are aging too. It is fair to say that this is turning our lives … Continue reading

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