What I Want for My Children

Upward mobility—of course
Don’t we all?

But not in the form of things
Like cars and jobs and houses

The evolution I crave
On their behalf

Is upward mobility
Of the soul

The square toed repose
Of nirvana

The sacred heart opening
Of the mystics

A more elevated stature?
Why, yes of course

A better home,
Who wouldn’t?

But, the home I crave
For my darlings is

The next where they can be
At home with themselves

No matter the place
No matter the circumstance

May they understand what
Love is…and isn’t

And recognize such when
It presents itself in human form

May they accept the frailties and failings
Of us older beings

And honor us less enlightened ones
By seeking to evolve beyond us.
Toward the next,
More settled dwelling

June 28, 2016

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