Arise, Sing, Tis Easter

She used to make:

• The ham biscuits
• The green beans
• The deviled eggs
• The potato salad
• The fruit salad
• The coconut cake
• The sweet tea

• The Easter Baskets

Now her energy is spent:

• Preparing the pimento cheese sandwiches
(Store bought pimento cheese this time
No longer her own special recipe)

• Dressing her husband and getting
Him into my sister’s shiny black car
(Once her own when she could still drive)

• And finding the courage
To climb the eight steps to my door
(Every one an effort)

She arrives dressed
In lovely lavender and a smile

Easter has come, yet one more precious time

© Jane Ellen Holliday Wilson

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1 Response to Arise, Sing, Tis Easter

  1. Joan says:

    Janie, this is poignantly beautiful. Thank you.

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