Will You Listen?

Will You Listen?

I am speaking
To you
Will you

Through the starry
Goddess in the sky
Is she Mary?
Mother Goddess?
Or just me
Calling you out
To play?

Through the cool
Shady stone of
This seat
Hands folded
Breath in and out
Sounds of the planet
Be present, my child

Through the
Song of the
The cranky crows
The feuding jays
The plaintive
Mourning dove
Do you hear me?

Through the roar
Of the waves
Upon the earth
Tamed by the
Shore, they
Gently trickle
Over your feet
A soothing balm
Do you feel me?

Through the
Sweet succulent
Aroma of
Blooming still
In spite of this
Punishing heat

Can you breathe
Me into
Your senses
And know
That I am here
All around

© Jane E. H. Wilson

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