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Tend My Garden

It’s not gardening or Writing It’s gardening so that I can write Nourishing so that I can create Healing so that My heart is free

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Glorious, Empty Saturday

Snow is coming, and I am free for a glorious two days of doing exactly as I please. It is glorious And empty Empty and Glorious Glorious – The thing you feel when the shining sun reaches down through the … Continue reading

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Royalty Arrives in Richmond

Four separate varieties of Daylily greet this sultry June morning—pale peach, bright yellow, tiger striped purple and blazing orange. Each one is given only a day to live, and yet they explode with joy at the living of it on … Continue reading

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I Am Published Again

  I am published again.  My new anthology Make No Assumptions is now available on Amazon in paperback and kindle versions.  It is an anthology of short stories, poetry and memoir.  click here  You can read more about it on my new page … Continue reading

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Tie me down Tie me up Tie me to the river The ground I am grounded I choose this grounding This earthliness For a time—an age My home now—a tether for My spirit My soul My body I will learn … Continue reading

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Stardust and Playdoh

The planet spins round and round in a galaxy of other planets A universe of galaxies And we are nothing but stardust formed together like Playdoh All petty hatred and greed and striving for greatness is none but Foolishness All … Continue reading

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Underneath Are my daffodils Under the snow? Will my hyacinths Make a scentful showing? What are my crocuses Pondering down there Under this deep white Coverlet? JEHW March 1, 2015

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Squirrel Wisdom

Squirrel Wisdom Squirrel scurries up the branch As I approach. I say to him, “No need of that. I am your friend.” But he knows that Were he to stop to visit I would have to touch him – Give … Continue reading

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Arresting Woodpecker

rushing around but there – red head white body black wings nature intervenes JEHW June 9, 2014

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