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Flowers from my garden

I am not just a writer.  I am a gardener too.  So I thought I might publish the occasional picture of my arrangements from my garden.  Here saucer-sized hibiscus (given me by my mother-in-law–also a wonderful gardener) steals the show … Continue reading

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Arise, Sing, Tis Easter

She used to make: • The ham biscuits • The green beans • The deviled eggs • The potato salad • The fruit salad • The coconut cake • The sweet tea • The Easter Baskets Now her energy is … Continue reading

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Where is my white lace? I am Aliza My breath is your breath My consumptive lungs—your lungs My broken heart—your heart My son is dying slowly One brain cell at a time You may think him your father I know … Continue reading

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Let’s Meet at Deetjen’s

Let’s Meet at Deetjen’s Recently, my daughters and I took an enchanted trip to Big Sur, California and stayed at the magical Deetjen’s Big Sur Inn. It was very hard to leave. So I wrote this little poem to remember … Continue reading

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Sweet Jasmine and Grassy Toes

Sweet Jasmine and Grassy Toes Ancient farmhouse Flanked by hollies Sweet scented jasmine arbor At the gate Thick green grassy summertime Grass Daddy making deep Mossy paths with the Push mower Me with my round Four-year-old belly Dancing along Behind … Continue reading

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Word Play

Word Play Yesterday I wrote. I wrote all afternoon Because it took All morning to Get started. Getting started was Hard to do. I had to get some things Off my desk first — Some forms that needed forming up, … Continue reading

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Worth a Hoot

Worth a Hoot the reality is I have to write because I can’t draw worth a hoot JEHW 7/30/14

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Of Trowel, Solstice, Hosta (Three Haiku)

serrated trowel three houses – three gardens planted gift of a wise friend solstice nears daunting heat – flowers droop craving water One little hosta heart shaped leaves hold pearls of fresh thunder-bringing rain JEHW Late June, 2014

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Arresting Woodpecker

rushing around but there – red head white body black wings nature intervenes JEHW June 9, 2014

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On Pentecost

this restlessness could it be the prompting of sacred spirit JEHW June 8, 2014

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