Sweet Jasmine and Grassy Toes

Sweet Jasmine and Grassy Toes

Ancient farmhouse
Flanked by hollies
Sweet scented jasmine arbor
At the gate
Thick green grassy summertime

Daddy making deep
Mossy paths with the
Push mower

Me with my round
Four-year-old belly
Dancing along
Behind him

Breathing in the
Deep green aroma,
The bright clear day
The hint of jasmine

Staining my toes
And loving him

He turns to scold me,
“Don’t get too close.”
But I catch the hint of
A tender smile

Perhaps this is why now,
So many years hence

I must start each day
With jasmine tea,

Whenever I can,

Run my toes through
Fresh cut grass.

August 14, 2014

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2 Responses to Sweet Jasmine and Grassy Toes

  1. Joan says:

    I can just see that young girl with her round, four year old belly dancing along beside her adored father. Thank you.

  2. janehwilson says:

    Thanks dear friend. Always so good to find that my words drew the desired picture.

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