Let’s Meet at Deetjen’s

Let’s Meet at Deetjen’s

Recently, my daughters and I took an enchanted trip to Big Sur, California and stayed at the magical Deetjen’s Big Sur Inn. It was very hard to leave. So I wrote this little poem to remember it by:

Let’s meet at Deetjen’s
Every year.

And wallow in the
Enchanted forest

Let’s read poetry
And sit with the redwoods
And remember the ancient truth
That all the earth is
Love reaching out
To hold us secure

Let’s embrace happiness–
Not the hairshirt–
As the wondrous
Mystery of
The mercy—
The gift
Of the all loving

Let’s soak in the warm
Tubs of sulfur
And gaze at
The constellations
Renaming each
One to our own

Let’s stay until
Our hands are pickled
And we have prayed
To the goddesses—Mary–

Let’s sooth our bones
As the star—well,
Meteors really—
Dance across the
Early morning sky

Then sleep the sleep
Of the deeply contented
As whales go
Dancing and spouting

© Jane Ellen Holliday Wilson
New Years 2016

Heaven on Earth
Earth in Heaven

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