My Wild Card

My Wild Card

 I have a wild card.


Not the kind that

You are thinking –

The kind that gets you

Out of trouble

In a poker game.


This one is a collage of

Three wild animals that I love.


A buffalo on her open plain,

A fox in her snowy field,

A rare spirit bear in her ancient forest.


I think I made it

To remind me

That I am a part of something bigger,

And wilder

Than my neat and comfortable little

Suburban home.


It makes me want to contribute –

In whatever way I can find –

To their ability

To continue to live

In their own

Neat and comfortable far

Suburban home.



Maybe it is a wild card

In the way that you are thinking.


Maybe it will, somehow help me

In some small way,

To get us out of

The trouble we are in,

In this poker game we are playing

With our – their home. 



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