Before the Rain

Before the Rain

 Before the rain

Star and I take a long

Walk in the woods.

The gathering moisture

Turns my hair to ringlets.

We soak in

The chattering of the birds,

The gentle breeze,

The richness of the

The early May leafyness.

The goose family heads for the shore

As the reservoir

begins to


Three, count them, three

Rare and quite shy lady slippers

Offer up a parting vision.

They say it will

Rain for three long days.

We soak in Momma Earth’s

reassuring beauty.

She nurtures us

Before we are forced inside.

Star is my beloved 14+ year-old border collie, and constant walking companion.  She is likely to feature heavily in my writing.

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1 Response to Before the Rain

  1. brenda says:

    So visual …. I can close my eyes and see this. Beautifully written.

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