It’s So Easy To Dismiss Him

It’s So Easy To Dismiss Him

It’s so easy to dismiss him now,
This man whose mind betrays him.
This man once full of vibrant energy

Of hand-holding devotion
Of physical long-tall presence
Of booming lyric voice
Of cross-country travels

Who now sits, most days
Quietly on the sofa
Only rising to tend
His beloved bird feeders
Waiting for a visitor.

He struggles to communicate these days
His brow wrinkled in concentration,
Trying to process the smallest of things.
He forgets to eat, so he has grown
Quite thin.

A phone call home won’t detect
This lonely lost-ness
Now that he lets his wife
Do all the talking.

It’s only when you come for a visit
And you ask him,
“Daddy, would you like to go
For a ride in the car?”

That this gentle, polite man
Lets you know how hard this is.

“Oh please, can I go?
I’d give anything to
Get out of this place.”

May, 2015

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1 Response to It’s So Easy To Dismiss Him

  1. Joan says:

    So tender and so real – thank you, Janie.

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