The Cookies – A Valentine Fantasy

The Cookies
A Valentine Fantasy

Would the world
Dissolve into chaos
If I stopped everything
And made the cookies?

It could be fun.

The lovely sticking dough —
Like mud pies of old —
Rolling around the counter,
Making a mess.

It might feel like I was playing

The heart shaped cutters,
The splashy red food coloring,
The yummy pink frosting
That goes in the middle
Of the two cinnamony,
Gingery shortbreads.

What if I actually giggled?

My pristine kitchen
Turned upside down
My rigorous discipline
Sent packing.

How long could I manage such joyfulness?

I would have to eat
A goodly number,
And let him eat some too
Without saying a word about
How many were missing.

What if he actually laughed?

But we can’t
Eat all of them.
Our carefully managed
Tummies would hurt.

It could be a game.

We must give them away
But who shall get them?

Well there is sweet Nattie in Philly.
She is an absolute must.
So many times we have
Made them together.

We could pack them up with fancy bows!

No way to send them to sweet Lindsay
On that boat in the middle
Of the glimmering sea.
That ocean is its own
Playful Valentine for her.

My heart might let go of so many things.

We will take them to dear ones
Who could use a smile in their lives.

I know!

We can send them with him
To the office – a token —
A gift —
To lift the cold winter gloom.

I think I’ll make the cookies.

February 4, 2014

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1 Response to The Cookies – A Valentine Fantasy

  1. Joan says:

    You just turned a gray day gold!

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