Good Morning

Good Morning

I considered staying in this morning,
What with the autumnal chill
And the drizzly, mistiness.

And people all around me staring down the darkness —
A heart gone a flutter,
A cancer revealing its fangs,
A precious mind all a scramble.

It seemed a good day to take a break from the outside world.

But my coat was on, my cup of tea in hand,
And out I went.

I found the forest so quiet now
In its duo-chrome greys and browns —
A penetrating comfort somehow.

There, on the wooden bridge
I merged with the out of doors.

Squirrel was about,
Scampering along the railing.
She is becoming used to me now,
Even touchingly curious.

I rested. I prayed. I emptied my cares,
Drinking in this coming winter.

Then, just as I was turning to leave,
Bald eagle rounded the bend.

Easing into the cove,
She dipped an understanding wing
And flew off on her way.

Leaving me nourished
For the coming day.

December 9,2014

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2 Responses to Good Morning

  1. Joan says:

    So lovely and so comforting …especially the image of the bald eagle dipping an understanding wing. Thank you.

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