Consider This A Gift

Consider This A Gift

I rose early
Longing to find
The blood moon eclipse.

I hurried to the lake.
No moon to be found anywhere.

In the center of the cove —

Elegant crane — graceful, erect.
Her narrow form
Framed by autumn foliage.

Velvety, pink sunrise
Making of her
A perfect charcoal silhouette

Deep mournful breathe in —
My moon has passed me by

Answering robust breathe out —
Who could mourn this present gift.

A small leaf flutters to the ground
A raindrop christens my brow

Instead of clinging to what is fading away
I empty myself for what is to come.
A gentle baptism
Washing me anew.

It will be a busy day
I must also cleanse my thoughts —
And mind my words with care
As the various meetings tumble forth.

But for this moment I am simply held in
Nature’s warm embrace, and must

Consider this a gift.

October 8, 2014

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1 Response to Consider This A Gift

  1. Joan says:

    A wonderful word picture of the gift of the present moment – Thank you.

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