Haiku Summer

Haiku Summer

Dear readers,

I thought that I should give you fair warning that my poetry group is beginning a summer reading of the book Haiku – the sacred art, A Spiritual Practice in Three Lines by Margaret D. McGee.

I look forward to this as an opportunity to hone my craft as a poet and a write, but give fair warning that you may be in for a season of haiku at Gratefully Yours Today. My first two can be found below.

If you are a haiku lover yourself, I encourage you to share yours as well, and I will happily consider publishing them here.

As always, I encourage you to share my blog with friends, and sign up to follow my postings.

Gratefully yours,


Pencils moving on paper
Many hands working their words
A soothing dance

Of course – lavender
That scent that soothes like a
Lover’s gentle hand

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