The Time of Celebration Arrives

The Time of Celebration Arrives

Through her iridescent white gown
Overlaid with the delicate lace of fine snowflakes
Spring’s first light
Gently claims her moment.

Her movement creating undulating ribbons
On the velvety slate lake above the dam.
Mossy greenness decorates the
Ancient conifers that wrap around
This glassy surface
Like an elegant necklace –
The jade colored boathouse dangling
At the base like a precious jewel –
Resting on her frothy, frosty bosom
Of mountains rising high and proud
Into the fresh clean air.

You can almost feel
Her breast rise and fall,
Her soul breathe,
Her heart beat
As with bravery, she dons her finery
To wed the muscled darkness
Subduing his raging sputtering winter madness,
Ushering in the fertility rites of

At Northern Cascades Institute, Washington
March 20, 2014

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