I Need a Message!

I Need a Message!

This morning I asked Divine Love,

“Why?  Why for so many years

No Jesus to come and help us know

That You are here?”


“Why this nothing?!”


“No Buddha, No Mohamed?

Not even a good prophet;

Some touch stone to help

Us hang on?”


And then, this very evening,

A child that I encountered – simply, frankly,

Unquestioningly – announced

That Love has spoken,

“To let you know that I am here.”


Hum, what shall I make of that,

Divine Love?


Guess you got me on that one.



            September 11, 2013


Just a note about Divine Love: Sometimes I feel that I am too corrupted by all the connotations that come with the name of God, so I find I have to use Divine Love as the way I remember who God is. 


And by the way, what I describe in this poem; it really happened.  So what do you make of that?

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