Ode to my Border Collie

Ode to my Border Collie

They judged her unfit

To roam on the farm,

So she made our yard

Her farm.

They deemed her incapable

Of herding sheep,

So the children,

And the cat

Became her sheep.

They did not think her fierce enough

To sleep at the sheep fold gate,

Protecting all from

The treacherous wolf,

So she slept at

My bedroom door

Protecting me instead.

She made her life what she

Knew it should be,

Paying no mind

To what they made

Of her.

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2 Responses to Ode to my Border Collie

  1. weeziep55@gmail.com says:

    Janie — is Star still with us?
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    • janehwilson says:

      Yes, she is indeed. I have just been thinking a lot about her loyalty lately. She is moving very slow, often needs help getting up and has a lot of confused moments. But she still insists on climbing the stairs every night to sleep between me and the door.

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