Animal Wisdom 5 – OK You Turtles, I Get it Already!

OK You Turtles, I Get it Already! 

May 18 – On vacation –

Turtle on the side of the road (my road).

*Delays are temporary, rebuild your faith.


May 19 – On vacation –

Snapping turtle in the road (my road).

My husband carts it to safety.

*Continue your efforts, good news will come.


May 24 – On my way to work

Turtle in the road (my road).

I stop and carry it to safety.

*Herald of movement even through

Current pressures and struggles.

(Really now.)


June 13 – Morning walk –

Star find a turtle in the road

(Literally my road right in front of my house for heaven’s sake!)

I stop and carry it to safety.

*May indicate that our pressures are too great.

(Honestly! Do you think so?!)


June 14 – After a big storm,

My husband and I go for a rare

Walk in the park (across from my house!) –

Very large turtle on the (my!) path.

We stop and I carry to safety.

*Reminds us that we must keep digging,

We must continue no matter how sluggish and slow.

(I am growing exhausted with this message!)


June 17 – On our walk in the woods

Just before heading to Momma’s –

Turtle in our path!

I turn it around so that it can head back into safety.

*Though it doesn’t seem so,

The dawn is slowly approaching.

(Well Divine, you are sure right about the slowly part!)


June 21 – On the way to Momma’s –  

Turtle in the road.

(it seems I own all roads these days) –

Another woman stops to carry it to safety.

This squirming baby version.

(She must be the victim of turtle magic this season too –

Bless her poor heart.)

*You are slogging through a difficult terrain.

Get back to basics, one step at a time.

Use what is available.

(If I could figure out what is available, I would.)


June 24 – On the way home from the cleaners


Turtle racing across the highway (my High-way!)

Traffic too fast, I cannot possibly stop and save

The poor creature.

*Get in touch with your rhythms

They will work in the manner that is best.

Trust that you will understand this

Current water treading someday.


There is plenty of time to live your dreams.

Find some patience, would you please,

So that we turtles can quit throwing ourselves

In your path.


(Where are the Herons.

I want the herons back!

Their message is fluff

Compared to these

Crazy turtles!)



Late June 2013


*Credit goes to Ted Andrews and his wonderful book

Animal –Wise

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2 Responses to Animal Wisdom 5 – OK You Turtles, I Get it Already!

  1. Yvonne Campbell says:

    I had similar encounters with turtle this year and took the same message. We are not alone! YC

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