Animal Wisdom 4 – Owl Mother

Owl Mother

 She silently watches over me

As I stand here on the

Edge of the bridge.


Before crossing over

I must

Shake off this dissonance I am suffering

At the hand of one I love so dearly.

Or is it at my own hand that I

Suffer thus.


I ask mother owl to

Show me the way

To shed this part of me

I can’t see through.


I beg her to help me find

A new connection point.

One that invites my precious in.

One that Helps her

See through her suffering

And my inadequacies

To a new place.


Through suffering to

Joyful abandon,


Soulful groundedness,


All in between.


Without fear.


Oh Mother Owl,

And all our mothers

Throughout the ages

Guide her,

Guide me,

To shift our shapes,

So that we can together

Experience the ring of love

And healing

That swirls round us.


Soften us,

Sooth us,

Bring us to that place

Of confidence and peace.


Enfolded under velvety white

Owl wings

I cross over the bridge

Remembering my own mother soul.

It will all be well

With us now.




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