Animal Wisdom Explained

“But ask the animals,

And they will teach you;

The birds of the air,

And they will tell you;

The plants of the earth,

And they will teach you;

And the fish of the sea will declare to you.”

Job 12: 7-8

Years ago I was sitting in with a wise woman and dear friend pouring out my soul when a cicada began flinging itself into her sixth floor downtown window.  Now, I must tell you that this friend was a well-respected scholar of symbolism.  She turned to skeptical me, and declared that this was clearly a sign.  She grabbed her copy of Animal-Wise, by Ted Andrews and read, of cicada – a symbol of happiness from the past and coming positive and necessary change.  It turned out that this little cicada was absolutely right – a skeptic cured.

This began my ever expanding understanding that the Divine speaks to us through nature, pretty much constantly, if only we will listen.  And today I begin a blog series that I will occasionally use to share those wise words. 


June 2013

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