“We are verbs.”

She said.

“Not nouns.”


And today,

As the grief of things left behind

Begins to lift,

Her verbing wisdom comes to ease  

The good bye.


I dig a little deeper

And remember that

My reasons for moving on

Well outweighed those for staying.


But there was beauty there in the rejected road –

She is what trips me up on the journey.

Beauty has earned her place the sentence too.


Even now she blankets the call

to the action.


Is she friend or foe?

It’s hard to say.


Something deep inside say,

“Lay down your sorrow, and welcome her as grace.”

The grace that kept you warm

As you stepped up to the challenge

Of being a verb, not a noun.


May 20, 2013



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1 Response to Verbs

  1. Joan says:

    Lovely, Janie.

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