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Tie me down Tie me up Tie me to the river The ground I am grounded I choose this grounding This earthliness For a time—an age My home now—a tether for My spirit My soul My body I will learn … Continue reading

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Gigantic Feet

A little girl Once learned to dance While standing on His gigantic feet He whirled her Around and around the room As she giggled down to Her own tiny toes Numb now These immense and precious plinths Are devoid of … Continue reading

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Sweet Jasmine and Grassy Toes

Sweet Jasmine and Grassy Toes Ancient farmhouse Flanked by hollies Sweet scented jasmine arbor At the gate Thick green grassy summertime Grass Daddy making deep Mossy paths with the Push mower Me with my round Four-year-old belly Dancing along Behind … Continue reading

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